4 years racing!
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Remarkable moments in his career.

  • JULY 2013

    The kart purschase!

    Billy first got a Go Kart as a means for him to find an interest and focus in his life. Mike had already taken him to hire Kart tracks to see if he would like it!

  • August 2013

    First drive

    The first drive of his own Kart was in the car park at work then later at the Morwell track of the Gippsland Go Kart Club. This is where many an afternoon was spent getting him up to speed prior to his first race meeting.

  • October 2013

    First race meetings

    After about 6 weeks of practice and tutoring from Jason Bargwanna and myself Billy was ready to go! His first race meeting was a great day he was awarded the performance of the day!

  • Early 2014

    Billy is more interested in race!

    2014 began at one of the biggest race meetings in the country for Juniors, The Junior Top Gun Meeting at Oakleigh. His performance there was very good if not unlucky, having to start at the back of the grid as a plate driver he was making his way through to the mid field posting some competitive times. A lack of experience was his problem and as a result the weekend finished in an accident!

  • Late 2014

    Go Kart start to be more serious

    During the second half of 2014 we started competing at Stony Creek for added experience for Billy.

  • Beginning 2015

    Days at Stony Creek go karts

    During 2015 it was a time of progression and learning! Stony Creek Hire Kart Track was very good for learning as there were people of vastly different experience and different conditions to deal with! Lessons learnt here were many!

  • Middle 2015

    Billy is 100% committed and the results are noticeable

    With the move to the Clubman Class came an old / new chassis, it was the 1992 Haase that started a connection with Haase Australia's Adam Fletcher. It also saw a new level of competitiveness from Billy!

  • Late 2015

    Billy decide to search for a sponsor

    As with any form of Motorsport it is difficult without support so with 2015 in front of Billy he was looking for support to compete at a better level. He spent much of the year submitting proposals and asking almost everyone he came into contact with. After many conversations with the people at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket then a meeting the agreement was reached and for 2016 There was a new Kart and livery with a new level of support for 2016!

  • January 2016

    Spyder Racing release the website!

    After weeks of work and as a result of the partnership with Bosch the Spyder Racing Website was built and released with the great effort of LLS Webs!

  • Febuary 2016

    Bosch Australia sponsorship and Golden Power Series

    This was the beginning of a new era and a different approach to Billy's racing! The Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Partnership was released and the next level of competition was commenced with the commencement of the Golden Power Series!

  • July 2016

    Billy win Kingston cup 2016!

    The Kingston Cup is a long standing, stand alone meeting that runs into the night and the finals are run under lights! Billy had had some good results up until this at club events but he had not won at an open meeting before! This was a breakthrough event!

  • Middle 2016

    Billy is growing as a race pilot and as a person

    With the increased level of competition and new found responsibility to partnerships, Billy grew greatly during the first part of the year! Results started to come self confidence in public speaking and an awareness of how to self promote and market was developing!

  • November 2016

    Billy finishes the Golden Power Series in 6th position!

    After a year of new tracks and increasingly better results Billy finished the Golden Power Series in 6th place with great promise for 2017! This was his best year by far!

  • January 2017

    Paternship with Bosch renewed

    With a new look and renewed partnership with Bosch Automotive Aftermarket and a big day of promoting this renewed partnership. The Kart and Billy were on display to unveil the new colours at Warragul Breakfast club, then on to Changz Canteen in Glen Eira road Elsternwick!

  • Febuary 2017

    Billy is more professional and have better results

    2017 has started off with great confidence and increased level of commitment and greater experience combined with a higher level of presentation! Looking for great results during the year!

  • March 2017

    First Podium in the Golden Power Series

    This was a big step forward for Billy to be able to know he can compete in the front group in State level competition and he had been at the front of the field all weekend!

  • July 2017

    Spyder Racing release the shop with Bosch Automotive

    With encouragement and help from Bosch Automotive Aftermarket and LLS Webs the online shop is up and running!

  • Second part 2017

    Billy is 18: Responsability and commitment

    Billy started off racing 4 years ago at the age of 14 June 2017 saw him become 18! This is such a time of change and he is adapting very well to it so far! Billy has come a long way during this time and I am sure there is more to come!

  • Now

    Billy celebrates 4 years racing!

    During this 4 year period Billy has grown such a lot on track and off! He has scored many wins and podium positions and is looking forward to the future which has such a lot to offer but only the future knows truly what is in store for us al here at Spyder Racing!

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